The following was published in the tournament programme of the 2015 Bill Volk Celebration Golf Classic

Bill and his ChildrenDad was a larger than life character full of energy and enthusiasm, who always supported us in our different ventures. Whether it was athletic, academic or personal, Dad was always there to provide us with constructive reinforcement, and to make sure that we knew he cared. Dad was a big proponent of the value of sports, so all three of us grew up playing organized soccer, basketball, softball, or hockey. Whether or not we actually wanted to participate in our chosen sport on any given night was immaterial; part of the lesson-learned was about honouring our commitments no matter what.

A good example of Dad’s support is illustrated in his attendance at Hannah’s badminton games. By Hannah’s own admission, badminton is not a spectator sport; cheering, even clapping is frowned upon, there are no stands and few parents come out to watch. This did not deter Dad, who became the most loyal supporter of the Bishop Strachan School badminton team in their history. Fortunately for the team, Dad was generally on his blackberry during play, which kept his usual exuberance in check until the game was over.

Some of our fondest memories of Dad were centered on sports. For instance, in October of 2010, Dad took Ryan and Graham to Green Bay for a Packers game. Anyone who knew our father knew he was a huge Packers fan, and this trip meant a lot to him as it was the first time he had seen the team play live.

Bill Volk and Children at Vancouver OlympicsThe icing on the cake was that Green Bay was playing (and beat) their divisional rivals, the Minnesota Vikings. Dad was giddy as soon as we touched down in Milwaukee, and did not snap out of it until we were on the plane ride back to Toronto. We found out after he passed away that he had described this trip as his best vacation ever.

A memory the three of us will always treasure is of going with Dad to cheer on Team Canada at the men’s hockey final of the Vancouver Olympics. Dad was a powerful figure in our lives, and though he left us way too soon, his legacy and his love are with us forever. Sharing this experience with our Dad, with his and our faces painted red and white and all of us wearing our matching Olympic hockey jerseys, was amazing.

Hannah, Graham and Ryan Volk